• Utillix works with providers of underground utility maps and obtains the most up-to-date information for your project.
  • You receive digital maps with single-source-of-truth underground utility plans, accessed via the Utillix app.
  • Mapped onto Google Maps, Utillix provides colour-coded utility identification.



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  • Onsite photo and video recording give all providers / workers  / crew visibility of utility location and status in real time.



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  • Onsite project information and full worksite documentation access.
  • All accessible via the Utillix app on mobile, tablet and laptop.

Utillix is a Nearmap partner, Our WMS integration allows Utillix load high-resolution imagery on demand.

Generate Aerial Insights 

Upload drone  imagery to create accurate, high-resolution maps 

Overlay Plans and Engineering drawings

DBYD Managed Service

Utillix will manage, digitise and integrate your DBYD requests with your systems